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We've assembled a toolkit of useful resources for your BeadforLife Marketplace that you can upload directly to your computer, as well as recommended videos, books and websites to help you gain more in-depth knowledge about poverty issues.

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  • Printable invitations
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  • Poster

Tips for Promoting Your Online Marketplace

  • Tips and suggestions for the best ways to promote your BeadforLife Online Marketplace


  • Catalog featuring all Marketplace products with photos, descriptions and prices

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Useful Handouts

  • BeadforLife Member Bios 
  • The Difference Your Marketplace Can Make
  • African recipes
  • BeadforLife Creation Story
  • How to roll a paper bead: instructions, pattern, and video 



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The DVD included in the Marketplace host folder is a compelling way to educate your guests about BeadforLife.

Top 10 tips for success


Here are some simple yet effective ways to make the most of your BeadforLife Marketplace.

Easy African recipes


Treat your guests to authentic African food, like this mango and pumpkin soup.