Join us to host a Marketplace and become an integral part of our mission to ignite sustainable opportunities for women to lift their families out of poverty. BeadforLife provides everything you need to host a memorable and successful event, with a variety of options for all settings. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to come together, shop for beautiful handcrafted jewelry and items from Uganda, address the important issue of global poverty and make a difference. Marketplaces can be held at home, work, church, music and art festivals, holiday-gift fairs, local markets, city events or fair-trade fairs. 

So many options for hosting and so many reasons...REGISTER TODAY! *U.S. Only

BeadforLife Marketplace

We provide you with everything you need for an unforgettable event filled with music, memories and major impact! We even have an option to host online, so you can impact lives with a single click. It doesn't get any easier than that!

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Around the world, marketplaces are all about connections. They are great social events, known for laughter, chatting, trade, and community. Our BFL Marketplaces are also known for connections with our friends and family, and connections with women in Uganda. The money you raise through the purchase of BeadforLife goods supports our poverty eradication programs, which provide women with the confidence and skills they need to create their own cool businesses after they graduate through our Street Business School programs.

***Double your impact! Make a difference in your community when you make your Marketplace a fundraiser. Learn more.


Host a U.S. Marketplace

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What is a BeadforLife Marketplace?

BeadforLife Marketplaces are the fun and engaging way to get involved and raise funds for our programs in Uganda. BeadforLife Marketplace hosts are volunteers who kindly sell our jewelry and shea butter products at home, work, church, social events, community fairs, or anywhere else they choose.

Does it cost money to be a Marketplace host?

It's completely free to be a Marketplace host! However, because of the amount of inventory you receive, we do ask for a credit number if you are a first time host. We do not charge your credit card. It is only collected in the event that you do not return your unsold inventory.

Who can host a Marketplace?

Anyone residing in the U.S. can host! You just have to be willing to gather your friends and invite them to make a difference .

Will there be a representative to help me at my event?

Because we are a non-profit, we do our best to keep our expenses down. For this reason, you will not have a BeadforLife representative at your event.

Instead, we provide you with everything you need to host an unforgettable event, and a customer service member will support you throughout the pre and post event via email.

What's in a BeadforLife Marketplace box?

There are several types and sizes and BeadforLife Marketplace boxes from which to choose. We try to keep it fresh, so these vary throughout the year, as we change the product assortment when we introduce new products and promotions.

In addition, all boxes contain a Resource Folder packed with the educational materials listed below.

  • Host Handbook
  • Host Checklist (to keep you on track before, during, and after your event)
  • BeadforLife DVD
  • Product Catalog
  • BeadforLife Brochures
  • Member Biographies
  • Music CD, to get your happy feet on

Be sure to check out the Marketplace Resources section of our website, where you fill find some of our printed materials in downloadable form along with some additional resources.

When can I host a Marketplace?

You can host a Marketplace anytime before December 31, 2017. Make sure you register before December 10, 2017. The holidays are a popular time to host.

Where can I host a Marketplace?

Any place you choose! We're consistently impressed with the creativity of our hosts. They host events at yoga studios, churches, schools, BBQs, cocktail hours and more.

How far in advance do I need to register?

You'll need to register before December 10, 2017 to hold your Marketplace on or before December 31, 2017, the last day to host. 

What if some of my friends can't make it?

During your registration process, you can choose to also have/host an online Marketplace - the perfect way for friends to shop any time before December 31/2017.

Do Marketplace hosts get free products?

We often hear that the greatest gift is knowing that you make a difference, and we love that! We also like to show our gratitude, which is why Marketplace hosts are honored with a gift when they host an event.